Become Our Agent

Become Our Agent

Interested In Being A Future Stars Agent In Your Country?

Then just contact us to learn how it would help you grow your business.

Here are some reasons to become a FS Agent:

  •  Future Stars has been a leading camp organization and summer address for the youth of 70 nations since 1989.
  •  Future Stars provides opportunities for campers to enjoy various programs while developing their skills in sports, arts and leadership, and their experience of different cultures.
  •  We offer multi cultural and multi language programs for different interest groups.
  •  Safety, total care, fun, friendship and learning guaranteed
  •  First class agent support and promotional materials including DVDs and posters
  •  Easy Visa procedures. The citizens of over 100 countries do not need visa to enter to Turkey or they can issue the visa at the airport easily.
  •  Turkey's history and cultural heritage. Sitting on the crossraods of Europe and Asia, Turkey is a fascinating land of contarst and cultures. Your campers will love Turkey's delectable cuisine, stunning architecture, beautiful beaches and its bustling bazaars.
  • For your questions and to become a Future Stars Agent please contact
    Osman Gozet - CEO
    + 90 532 767 7292