Camp Duration
7 days
1,000 $

Camp Periods

24 - 30 July 2019
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Alaçatı Windsurfing Camp

Windsurfing for all levels

Located at Alaçatı Beach, we are blessed with super steady trade winds all summer long. From beginners to advanced, we offer all levels of windsurfing lessons for different ages. Our friendly instructors will teach you how to sail, and how to "read the wind". The one-week windsurfing camp includes windsurfing skills, and some wind theory, somesafety talks, sharing the experience with small groups 6-7 campers per 1 instructor and 1 counselor. This youth power camp will enrich the lives of the campers and promote healthy active lifestyles.
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At a glance

  A wonderful facility, lots of wind, sun, sea and amusement
 No previous experience is necessary. Groups from beginners to racers
 16 hours training throughout the camp term from experienced instructors
 Young camp counselors and group leaders from many countries
 All windsurfing materials and special gear provided
 Swimming, basketball, football, tennis, table tennis, beach-volley, hockey, water
polo, and pool amusements besides surf training...
 Cultural visits and excursions to local places of interest
A certificate on completion at the end of the camp.

Personal and social development

Learning a new sport and making new friends is a great confidence booster. Our campers come alive as they discover the joy and freedom of windsurfing. It is all play to them but they come away from the camps stronger, more confident and bursting with a new enthusiasm for windsurfing.

Young participants are developing their fundamental social skills and relationships with their peers and coaches. Each student is included in a smaller cell of up to 6-7 students of similar age or ability. Group exercises encourage interaction, communication, and cooperation.

A unique staff

As Camp Future Stars, we are proud of the qualifications, experience and number of our camp staff. All trainers appointed at the AlacatiSurf Camp where 1 trainer is assigned to every 4 camper, consist of people who have gained camping and counselor leader experience at Camp Future Stars. Young counselors who are the students of the country's leading universities, and experienced Future Stars trainers play the most important role in the success of the camp. A Future Stars team consisting of 9 people will be with the campers round the clock during the camp in every area from surf lessons to room life and recreation.

Surf training at the camp will be given by experienced trainers of Orsa Surf School. The trainer/camper ratio can go up to 1:3 in surf training with 1 surf teacher for each group of 6 campers, and performed in the presence of Camp Future Stars counselors.