Camp Duration
14 days
1,100 $

Camp Periods

12-25 July 2019
27July-9 August 2019
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English in Action

Supportive and inclusive learning

This program offers young people from all over the world a chance to improve their English in a friendly and safe environment. It represents a superb example of the integration of Language and Activity Camps. In collaboration with American Counsils,we have been providing consistently high quality English courses - in small multinational groups-, and promoting English language learning in a memorable, motivating, and structured environment. Our program staff who are from England, USA and Canada are passionate about our students’ positive learning experience.
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At a glance

 The opportunity to make many new international friends
 A welcome, orientation and a placement test on the first day
 An individual assessment of language ability and needs
 3 hours daily, total of 30 hours of English course with experienced teachers
 Lessons which build fluency and allow students to activate their knowledge of English
Project work to build international team working skills
 Sightseeing in Istanbul and Bursa, excursions to local places of interest
 A variety of activities and sports, arts and crafts, outdoor trainings, evening activities and international day

Learn with friends

Learning a language is all about communication and Future Stars’ English language camps create the perfect atmosphere for friendships to blossom between youngsters from all over the world. A great opportunity to share an exchange of ideas and culture, conversing in English, while enjoying an action-packed and superb summer camp holiday
full of adventure and sports activities.

Great teachers

Our teachers have a vital role to play in ensuring that students always have a positive learning experience in the classroom.

They facilitate learning by creating interest in topics, feeding in key language structures and vocabulary, presenting clear spoken and written models of language, offering concise explanations.

They monitor students’ learning, correcting when appropriate, offering encouragement and praise.